We worship one God, creator and maker of all things, holy and immutable. He is the Lord God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth.


We exalt Jesus as fully God. Jesus is one with God the Father, coequal in power and glory. All things which have been made came through Jesus, and in him alone is salvation found. Jesus is the sole mediator between God and mankind. He was crucified to bear our sins and thereby to overthrow sin’s power. Jesus, raised from the dead, conquered death; and in his resurrection is the promise of everlasting life for all who put their faith in him.


We are grateful for the Holy Spirit who was given to us as a seal, securing our salvation, and as a teacher, who guides us daily into the truth of Jesus. We acknowledge that when we submit our lives to the Spirit we will not carry out our sinful desires.


We rejoice that our salvation is the work of the gracious God who loves us. Our salvation is a matter of our faith in him and the work he accomplished through his son on the cross.


We delight in being part of the body of redeemed believers known as the church, and we understand our unity and submission to Christ is a sign not only to this age, but also to the rulers and authorities in heavenly places of God’s manifold wisdom and his eternal purposes carried out through Jesus.


We love the grace of God that allows us to stand before him uncondemned, without spot or blemish. We recognize God’s grace has not only redeemed us, but also empowers us and frees us to holy living.


We celebrate our new identity in God through Christ as righteous, saints, holy ones, and beloved children. Nothing can threaten our new identity or call it in to question since it is secured on our behalf by Christ.

Word of God

We put full confidence in the everlasting word of God, knowing he only speaks what is true and he upholds all his promises and covenants. We rest in the truth that God has made himself known through his word.

Return of Christ

We wait joyfully for the return of Jesus when this present heavens and earth will be replaced with the eternal kingdom of God. Our steadfast hope is fully set on the return of Jesus, and it is this return which stirs in us a desire for holy living and godliness during our time on earth.